Hello Sunshine, welcome to my site! My name is Kate. I am a Coatesville, Pennsylvania native, but I currently reside in Brenham, Texas with my husband and four perfect, rescue pups. I am most passionate about my family, friends, animals, travel, treasure hunting and jewelry, of course :) 


I have always had a passion and admiration for jewelry and always envisioned designing my own pieces. Jewelry of all eras and regions has always fascinated me because of the never ending uniqueness and the versatility of each and every piece. Jewelry can make an entire statement, it can change someone’s entire outfit and mood, and it is my favorite form of self-expression.


Each piece that I create is made with love, positive energy, and light. I draw most of my inspiration from the beauty of the natural world around me, my zest for life, and the amazing places and people I have encountered throughout the world. I use genuine stones, crystals, glass beads, shells and wood in my designs, unless otherwise noted. Every stone, crystal, shell, etc. comes with their own powerful, uplifting properties and are paired with hypo-allergenic and nickel free earring backs or chains unless otherwise noted.


Along with my love for jewelry, I have always loved, advocated for, and worked around animals- both domestic and exotic. I spent 7 years as a zookeeper, volunteered at countless sanctuaries and rescues, and have helped re-home countless rodents, cats, birds, reptiles, and dogs.


 Every piece that you see is either named after a specific dog, cat, horse, goat, rabbit or maybe even a jaguar, giraffe, otter, tiger, alligator, bison, or flamingo I've worked with.  If you want to know more about your individual piece, you can always email me to learn more about my inspiration behind the name and design.  10% of each item sold goes back to local rescues in her hometown around Philadelphia and also the Houston Area.


I am extremely grateful for each one of you who visits my site, and for everyone who has motivated me, supported me, and inspired me along the way. Always strive to be a positive light and positive change in the world. 


Enjoy and stay well <3



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At Dogwood Aura Creations, I guarantee that every purchase you make will be a seamless process from start to finish and if you have any concerns or questions before, during, or after a sale please don't hesitate to contact me. Please read the refund and care instructions below: 

No returns will be accepted, however if your earrings are faulty or break as a result of my design I will gladly replace your item with the same design, or similar design for the same value. You will be responsible for shipping costs both ways.

Products are handmade and can be delicate, so please be gentle.

Please be aware that the metals I use, including the earring hooks, are nickel-free and hypo-allergenic. Some products are sterling silver, which will be noted. Tarnishing may also occur, so please limit exposure to water and soaps. I am not responsible for allergic reactions to the metal. I want my customers to be 100% satisfied, so if there are any issues with you purchase please let me know right away.

If you see any designs you like, but would like a different stone or metal, I can do customs on most styles for no additional charge. Simply email me with requests and I will let you know what options we can work with!

Shipping costs may vary.

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